Old News

I've added another page to the "Crayons" comic, huzzah!

So I'm back after a long hiatus...  Due to personal reasons I won't
mention, I was hindered but now I am free.  I also have an old friend
back who is helping inspire and motivate me to bring out the old Ant.  
I am bringing back an old favorite of mine, "Crayons"  Its filled with
all my favorite characters and basically the essence of insanity and
lame jokes.  Although when I read this shit, I can't stop laughing.  Now
I must mention one thing, because I'm sure my audience doesn't go
very far past friends and family... these strips are:


There is plenty of material elsewhere for everyone else.  So please,
you are on the honor system here :p  I will also try to scan some more
Joe's Hardware if I get some time.  Haha, little inside joke.

Oh snap, heres a little something that needed to be done.  And it
could have only been done when boredom had set in completely.

Its almost Christmas... Speaking of Christmas, check out my new shirt

I wasn't completely useless on my hiatus...

I didn't do a comic this week... And I will show you why...

Ha, finished the comic with time to spare... Thats what I get when I
drag myself out of bed early!  I get work done!  :p  Remember to shout

Okay, lots of work again this weekend... I'll probably update
tomorrow with the comic, apologies for the delay.

Sunday certainly snuck up on me this week... I have more "Joe's" for
you... I still can't seem to get the "Joes01" file to work properly, I may
just have to rescan and all...  But for now I have a handful of them
for you.  Next week SHOULD be an "IRC" but we'll cross that bridge
when we get to it...

I'm late again, yes indeed... I won't complain about the long hours
again, this you already know... But that leaves me with little time to
do a full fledged comic.  But so I don't leave you guys twisting in the
wind, I've decided to scan another comic I've done to use as filler in
between IRC comic updates.  I call this one "Joe's Hardware"  I won't
have links up just yet... As I actually need to be going back to work
right now... I'll refine everything later when I get more time, but for
now, enjoy some antics.

OK, there may not be an update this week.  I started my new job at
the post office on Monday, and have been working 12 hour days
nonstop all week... My first day off is Tuesday... So suffice to say, I'm
fucking beat!  I may do a doodle of a comic later... We'll see how I
feel after I wake up... But as of right now... I am sorry

An early update this weekend!  I'm going to be pretty busy tomorrow,
so I decided to go ahead and update... That is good news for you :p

Hello again, I have two updates today.  We have today's comic and
during the week I was in the mood to do a little doodling, so theres a
new sketchy to view in the picture gallery.  Other than that I'm
anxious to get my hands on the new Bioshock game...  That comes out
next week, I'm just hoping I can pry myself away from it long enough
to get a comic done!  Hahahaha....  No.... I'm being serious...

Welcome to back kids, the week's comic is finally here for all of you
to take in and tell two friends, so that they can take it in and then
tell two of their friends, and before you know it, we're a worldwide
phenomenon ... Or possible the laughing stock of the internets... Well
anyway, Edgecrusher is the star this week.  I'll catch you guys next in
the next seven days, or fourteen half days, or one hundred sixty eight
hours, it all depends on how you want to look at it...

This week's comic features Lakemen's brother, Kadger.  Kadger the
badger!  It's been awhile since I've done a comic that has gratuitous
amounts of violence!!  Well I think it's about time...

Now we introduce the illustrious Lakemen, who I've had the most
trouble characterizing... Mainly because he refuses to help me make
a character of himself, and any concept I come up with is thrown
back in face... Well here he is, and its tough luck, you are what you
are and you can't change that... Except with photoshop...

OK, sorry for the late update everyone, I was at a wedding this
weekend and it threw my whole schedule off.  But now we're back
with another comic, I hope you all enjoy, this one took me longer
than most.  As far as next week's comic, we'll have to see, I have a
busy schedule this week too so it may or may not happen.  I'll do what
I can, but you may have to be patient one more time.

Well this is convenient... It's the first of the month, and the end of
the week, and I have brought you a new I.R.C. comic!! These things
are starting to take a tremendous amount of time, with all the
coloring and all that... If I was smart I would do a panel a day or
something, but then again, lets look at who we're talking about!  Heh,
anyway, I'll try to get you another comic by the end of the week...

Hey everyone, I've finally finished updating the site...  Yes, we're
finally caught up to speed.  All the pages should correspond to the
new design and all the links should be in place and fully functional.  If
you find any bugs, lemme know.  Either shout it on the shoutbox, get
a hold of me in IRC, or you can always email us at the address at the
bottom of the page.  Hopefully I'll have some new content up by the
end of the week.  I'm aiming for at least a once a week update...
Cross your fingers and lets see if I can stick to it this time!  Thanks!

Well here we are with another update.  The "Picture Galleries" are
now updated and ready for viewing in the new AntAnime 2.0... Or 1.5?
 Who knows, but as an added gift, I've included a new doodle!!  So
everyone hurry up and check it out.  "Don't Fear the Reaper"

I've now updated the "Better Friends", "Blue Hair Girl", and "Crayons"
pages to match the new layout.  You're welcome!

The Bx3 page is now updated... The comic is still the same... Sorry.

Well, digging through the old folder archives, I found two Zoinks that I
previously had printed out for viewing away from the trusty old
Internet.  They are scanned now and placed with the rest of the
Zoinks comics... And as a triumphant return of everyone's favorite, I
have recolored (or in this case "colored") Zoinks #8!!  Enjoy everyone!

Ugh, finally done.  I believe every comic is online and functional... If
you have any trouble, feel free to email me.  Or if you're in the mIRC
room... Just hate on me until I get it fixed.  Goodnight folks!

Busy staying up all night trying to get this content out to you.  Four
more comics up and ready to go.  God I'm tired... And I haven't even
cracked into updating the original comic pages yet... ugh... Hopefully
all that will go a bit more smoothly now that I've saved myself a
template of the new design.  Now it's just drag and drop -_^

This one was easy... Ha!

OK now we're rolling, 9 to 5 is up... Although there isn't much there...

Well I'm updating faster than expected!!  Surprise!  Zenrai Zoinks is
now available to view from the left side bar.  Laugh away!

Its been nearly a year since I've launched this site, so what better
time then now for a site redesign?  (told you I was doing something
over here :p)  Not much has changed, as you can see the color
scheme and positioning is about the same... Just cleaning up a bit and
putting in some new headers.   What I would liek to have is a pretty
iframe that constantly changes here in the middle while you folks go
willy nilly with the link bar to the left... But until I figure that out,
you'll have to settle with changing pages...

I've also added the rest of the comics to the bar... Sort of.  They are
there, but they haven't been properly linked yet, as they don't have a
thumbnail page to call home yet.  I'll be working on it though, and
doodling up some stuff here and there... (don't hold me to it, you
know how I can be if you've been here long enough...)  Theres also a
shoutbox to the left... Feel free to spam it up with nonsense.  OK, so
for now, I'll repost the newest addition to the AntAnime galleries.
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