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Well its finally come, Crayons is making a triumphant return!!  Oh
wait, you thought I was talking about Christmas?  Well around here,
Christmas is frowned upon, as you'll soon find out in the new pages.  
We hope to conclude this adventure by the year's end.

Okay, the worst has happened... My hard drive recently gave up and
died.  This meant that all was lost... Lucky for me though, yahoo had
a nifty site retrieval tool.  This saved me a lot of time and effort to
bring this site back to its full capacity.  I also recently had to move so
all comics and such are still in boxes.  I will get more content out as
soon as I get my office unpacked.

AntAnime.com has a new store!  I'll try to get some more stuff up ins!

More "Crayons" pages and a reminder, this comic is 18 years old and
up due to graphic violence and horribly crude humor... as well as
some nudity.  So be advised and be warned and enjoy reading.

Ok, got some more pages of "Crayons" for you.  I also did a "portrait"
of the standoff between Spade and Shade... I liek it, but don't really
feel liek putting anymore work into it.  In cases liek this I find it best
to leave it be before I ruin it with a haphazard attempt.

Doodled something at work during lunch... I just had to put it up.

Here is another two pages of "Crayons" free of charge... Unless you
feel liek using the paypal button to the left and donating.
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